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Join mortgage and real estate professionals at Landslo and
receive steady Leads for your team with an affordable and scalable partner.
As low as 20% Success Fee, or choose Free + 45%.


Preferred Mortgage & Real Estate Leads.
Cold calling included.

per team
  • Low 20% Referral Fee billed on success
  • Generates up to 10 Leads Weekly in Your Chosen Areas
  • Unlimited Cold Calling and Appointments For Your Team
  • FREE Cold Calls + clean-up of your existing database (optional)
  • Instant Lead Hand-off for Hot Leads or Appointments in Your Area
  • Each consumer goes through a mini-background check
  • Customized Mortgage prequalification criteria for mortgage agents
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Consistent Quality
Leads for Your Team

  • 35% Referral Fee billed on success
  • Generates up to 3 Leads Weekly in Your Chosen Areas
  • Unlimited Cold Calling and Appointments For You
  • Be a backup broker for Trailblazer Leads
  • Instant Lead Hand-off for Hot or Warm leads
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Lead Partners

We partner with Consumer brands across financial services to connect professionals with
motivated home buyers and owners nationwide in the USA.

50,000Leads Distributed /mo
> 1,000,000Conversations


How many lenders get each lead?

We offer both exclusive and shared. Shared leads go to a max of 3 lenders. It is your choice which option you choose.

How does Landslo generate leads?

We use Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, Affiliate Marketers and Youtube for the leads we provide. Additionally, Landslo is a marketplace where other companies and lead generators offer their referrals to lenders and realtors. Before we put their leads on the marketplace we vet that source deeply to ensure they provide quality. On top of that, every lead goes through a series of verification and soft-background checks to ensure it's as top quality as possible.

Who are the Founders of Landslo?

Our team is composed of lead generation experts and AI engineers. We have provided millions of leads to agents and companies like OpCity,, United Real Estate, and worked with most of the top teams and agents in the US.

What is Landslo?

Landslo is an AI company that allows mortgage, real estate and insurance agents to easily get buyer and seller leads nationwide. Agents can choose their zip codes, lead types and referral fees, and then either be a backup team or get preferred leads as a Trailblazer member.

How are leads handed-off?

Landslo will match a lead with the best agent on your team. Your agents receive a SMS and lead qualifying information to know how best to engage with the Consumer.
Appointments are matched min. 24hrs ahead of the set time when the Consumer wants to speak.

What CRM features are available?

Landslo offers a suite of tools to help agents manage referrals, including a CRM for tracking leads and seeing your conversation activity, SMS and email automations, powerful follow-up scripts, and data enrichment. Agents can also choose for us to cold call your existing lead sources and clean up your database.

Photo of Katie Walsh

Don’t just take it from us

"I will admit, I was skeptical of whether a lead would show up to an appointment set by AI... But this placement is quite good. Really good. I’m impressed.”

—Katie Walsh, United Real Estate - the Nations Fastest Growing Broker

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