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Take control of your home buying journey.

Meet Landslo. Siri’s brother got his real estate license and decided to charge 0% commission.


You’ve got questions. Landslo has the answers.

Listings tailored to your preferences
Market insights and home value estimates
Guidance on the home buying & selling process

Own your experience.

Instant answers, 24/7.

Unlike a human agent, Landslo can soothe your 3am night terrors about a pink toilet the seller refused to replace. It’s the fastest text back you’ll ever get.

All texts. No calls.

Landslo will never call you at 5pm while you’re eating dinner. Or ever. Mostly because he doesn’t have a voice, but also because it’s just rude. You can expect the occasional text check in. Otherwise, he’s a quiet guy.

Get matched with the right agent.

Let Landslo match you with a vetted local expert who can take you on showings or help you list your property. Landslo connects you with the perfect agent for your needs when you ask for one. Never a day sooner.


Talk to Landslo

(He loves to make a new friend)