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Get access to premium leads without premium prices.

Because let's be honest, you're wasting a lot of money on leads that never convert into transactions and loyal clients.

Meet Landslo—The answer to all your lead generation problems.

Landslo prospects, nurtures, and sets appointments, so your agents can spend more time at the closing table.

Generates unlimited hot leads
Nurtures prospects into real relationships
Sets appointments directly on agents' calendars
Follows up with both met and unmet appointments to keep the momentum going and reclaim missed opportunities

Stop Wasting Money on Leads

If you're pouring cash into ads each month, you know how painful it is to watch less than 1% of them convert into transactions. Or maybe you pay or Zillow boatloads of cash for a phone number 10 other brokers got, just to hear your agents never followed up. With Landslo, every lead you buy has already committed to an appointment with you.

Get More Than Just a Name

Every time we connect with a new prospect, our AI converses with that person to get an understanding of their needs, provide them value, and collect deep insights your agents need to close the deal. When you purchase a Landslo lead, you're buying more than a name and number—you're taking over a real relationship with someone who is looking forward to your help.

Skyrocket Productivity & ROI

Keep your agents busy with real clients and real transactions—and let Landslo do the grunt work. Prospecting, following up, sending listings, setting appointments—all of these things take up valuable time your agents could be spending on revenue generating activities. Plus think of all the money you'll save on ISA's and call centers!

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Photo of Katie Walsh

"I will admit, I was skeptical of whether a lead would show up to an appointment set by AI... But this placement is quite good. Really good. I’m impressed.”

—Katie Walsh, United Real Estate

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