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Real Estate AI—What It Is & How To Start Using It

real estate ai

In a world where money exists digitally and people are connected across the globe, buying and selling houses via real estate AI solutions just makes sense.

Although technology in real estate has existed in small ways over the last two decades, it is finally catching up with other industries. The result? Faster transactions and disruptive business models that are adding value to both homeowners and real estate business professionals.

Property technology is having its moment, and it's an exciting one. From fractional blockchain property ownership to 3D home tours, Proptech is determined to streamline real estate transactions and make more of them happen.

The traditional residential real estate process has been known to be cumbersome—for buyers, sellers, agents—pretty much everyone involved. With brokers eager to find the right clients from the get-go, and buyers having to search for not only the right house, but the right agent to make the transaction happen, one can agree that finding a common ground for both sides is needed—and fast.

Introducing Conversational AI—Or, Your Siri For Real Estate

To solve this problem and create a safe and easy meeting space that fosters quicker, more convenient, stress-free transactions, conversational real estate AI has answered. Working almost like a matchmaking app crossed with a real estate listing website, mixed in with a personal digital assistant—think Siri or Alexa for real estate—AI is the gentle, yet helpful and effective facilitator of a home transaction.

 Keeping real estate agents from hunting down innocent civilians in an understandably desperate search for their next sale, it sets appointments with ready-to-go home shoppers to agents’ calendars, freeing up their time to spend on more important activities, like taking care of their clients.

 And with the emotional overwhelm of moving in mind—ranked #3 in top life stressors, after death of a loved one and divorce—real estate AI instantly responds and delivers what’s needed, reducing anxiety by pushing the transaction process forward faster than a human agent could. Until of course, it comes time to make an offer, at which point Landslo matches a home buyer (or seller) to the perfect-fit agent for the job.

Meet Landslo—The World’s First Real Estate AI Agent 

At its core, Landslo is an AI digital assistant that exists for the sole purpose of connecting real estate agents and those who need help making a home transaction. Yet—given the robust features and capabilities—it’s even cooler than that.

Landslo helps home buyers get into their dream home and sellers reach the closing table faster, without the stress. It does this through having unique conversations with homebuyers and sellers across the US, 24/7—all via SMS. Landslo provides instant access to relevant market data, shares listings based on preferences, and connects those in the process of buying or selling to the best local real estate agent.

Real Estate AI Has Evolved—Say Good-bye To Chatbots

But Landslo is not your typical chatbot. Our real estate AI is built to simulate a natural conversation with a human, trained through machine learning. This is what helps Landslo choose customized and relevant responses, and from each unique conversation, determine a person’s pain point in order to prescribe the best solution to their inquiry. 

Unlike before, when homebuyers had to find a credible real estate agent, set up a manual appointment, and hope to get a call back in a time frame that works for them, Landslo is like an online directory—a concierge if you will—that helps customers figure out what they want and then directs them to a trusted and vetted human agent that can help. 

Streamlining Processes & Saving Time

real estate

But that’s only the beginning of what Landslo’s real estate AI can do. The process of buying a house can be tedious—it involves a lot of waiting. And waiting on a human to ease concerns and provide information is the last thing anyone wants to do. 

Having listings that are custom tailored to your preferences instantly sent to your smartphone means less time searching for what you want in vast online property databases. Having instant access to summarized and actionable local market data means less time waiting for an agent or researching on your own. Getting connected with a mortgage agent immediately means finding out if buying is even possible—before both buyer and agent get ahead of themselves and waste precious time.

Who is Landslo For?

Landslo’s real estate AI is for anyone looking for smoother and faster home sales. This means it works for anyone within the home buying and selling space—homebuyers, homeowners, brokerage firms, mortgage professionals, and agents. 

Home Buyers & Sellers

For home buyers and sellers, Landslo works by curating listings, pulling data, and making connections with professionals that are needed for each individual's preferences and current situation, saving time, stress, and turning the home shopping experience into the positive and exciting journey it should be.

When you’re about to make one of the biggest purchases of your life, you need all the trustworthy guidance you can get… even when you’re awake at night thinking about whether you’ll be able to get a house with that large kitchen pantry you always wanted, without skyrocketing out of your price range. A real estate agent may not be able to answer that question at 3am, but Landslo can chat any time of day—or night—you need assistance.


Our real estate AI helps brokerages by filtering out serious leads from “browsers,” and it nurtures them in a personal way… without the need for human interaction. This means less (or no) money spent on call centers and sales agents for the purpose of customer engagement. It also means brokerages can set up appointments for their agents directly at a low cost—a secret weapon for agent recruitment, productivity, and retention.

Landslo operates in two fashions—the first is direct lead buying. Our AI is constantly talking to potential buyers and sellers and nurturing relationships with them. If you purchase a lead package with us, instead of sending you a name and phone number, we’ll actually set your agents up on appointments with real, verified business prospects. Additionally, you can license our software to nurture your entire customer database 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of retargeting ads, call centers, and ISAs.

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For agents, Landslo acts like a “personal smart assistant” that takes down messages, answers questions, sends listings, checks in, helps initiate the mortgage pre-approval process, and sets appointments all day every day. It’s the ultimate productivity and sales boosting tool.

Agents lose potential home buyers daily because they are unable to keep up with ongoing conversations with their entire network—all while trying to close deals and give their clients their best service. It's impossible to add “answering specific questions at 3 am” to that workload. Automating customer engagement with real estate AI frees agents up to focus on their highest priority tasks without worrying about losing relationships that could turn into future sales.

real estate agent using ai

Do People Want to Use Real Estate AI?

One of the biggest concerns people have regarding real estate AI is whether it really fits into the life cycle of a transaction naturally, in a way that’s convenient and enjoyable to use. The answer is a resounding yes. After all, we all use Siri and Alexa, don’t we? Digital smart assistants are not only useful for turning on the music or looking up the weather. They can help in any area of our lives—so why wouldn’t we let them?

It should come as no surprise that the use of chatbots and AI in marketing across several industries has spiked since 2020. When companies started cutting costs, human sales engagement was one of the major areas that got slashed. 

Interestingly, conversational marketing reports show that while customers do value one-on-one human conversations, they actually enjoy, and often prefer, chatting with bots—at least for help with basic tasks—especially if that means increasing the speed at which those tasks can get done. An estimated 67% of consumers had interactions with bots in 2021, and 87% of them had positive or neutral experiences.

From an operational standpoint, this means that a firm never has to spend a lot of money to drum up sales, as long as they employ AI to do the heavy lifting. And they don’t have to worry about losing favor with customers over it—their customers will thank them for reducing the wait time.

Getting Starting Using Real Estate AI With Landslo—The #1 Real Estate AI on The Market

While there are several options on the market in terms of chatbots and AI services, Landslo is the most robust by far, and the only real estate AI that genuinely utilizes the full extent of cutting edge technology. 

Getting started with real estate AI is extremely easy—there’s a simple 1 time setup, and you’re good to go forever.

If you’re in the market for a home, you can start chatting with Landslo for free through SMS, and instantly receive custom listings after answering questions about your preferences. Likewise, you can chat with Landslo about your needs if you’re looking to sell your home.

If you’re a broker or an agent, using Landslo is like setting up a money-making machine. After your easy setup and integration, you’ll be seeing more appointments and watching your lead spend drop. Schedule a demo to see Landslo in action and learn about our pricing. 

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