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Agent Recruitment is Getting Competitive—Here’s How To Win

agent recruitment

If you’re a real estate brokerage owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract top real estate agents to your firm. The competition is fierce, and agent recruitment can be a real challenge—especially in a rapidly changing landscape. 

In the past, brokerages would offer agents training, real estate leads, and support, but those days are gone. Agents are tired of being sold on the same old promises, and they know that these “foundations for success” don't always live up to the hype. They want something more, and brokerages who want to be competitive need to up their offering.

In this article, we’re discussing the demands of modern agents and how you can surpass them, so you can succeed at agent recruitment and build a top quality team at your firm.

The Changing Landscape of Agent Recruitment

Agents are looking for more than seminars, classes, and a few free leads each month. They want a brokerage that can offer them a fully streamlined experience, with access to plenty of high-quality appointments, automatic database nurturing, scheduling services, and a full digital concierge experience. They want a brokerage that can take the guesswork out of running their business and provide them with real business opportunities, so they can focus on what they do best—selling real estate.

Making Your Recruitment Offer Stand Out

There are a couple of reasons for this shift in agent expectations. The first is that unfortunately, many real estate brokerages who have promised the world have underdelivered. And the sad truth is that even though your brokerage keeps its promises—if your offer sounds similar to what other brokerages offer—you will fail to stand out from your competitors. But what’s worse is that you will also sting old wounds and drive away agents who have been burned in the past by brokerages who never delivered on their promises, and this can make it very difficult to recruit.

Innovation Is Critical To Agent Attraction

Another reason for the shift in agent recruitment strategies is that tech has created vast amounts of opportunity. While anyone who intends to start their own business will need to put in the work and commit to making it happen, there are many roadmaps, software, and step-by-step guides out there to help you get it done. One of the reasons many aspiring entrepreneurs start in real estate is because they assume it’s a tried and true model where they’ll be following a map laid down by people who have done it before.

While this is true to a certain extent, what many new agents don’t realize is that real estate hasn’t seen the innovations that other industries have—yet. As per the current model, they’ll need to learn and manually operate in at least 20 different roles and use antiquated systems. But what they really want and need is a map that matches modern times—streamlined, easy, and convenient. 

To excel in agent recruitment, brokerages need to offer something more valuable and radically different from what has traditionally been offered. They need to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that empowers agents to grow their business and maximize their potential. And if that sounds like a lot to pull off, you probably haven’t considered that real estate AI makes it extremely easy to do.

AI Services You Can Use For Agent Recruitment

AI can offer a streamlined experience for agents, providing them with high-quality real estate leads, automatic database nurturing, appointment scheduling, and a full digital concierge experience. This takes a lot of the guesswork (and actual work) out of running their business, allowing agents to focus on making transactions.

When it comes to agent recruitment, AI can provide a significant advantage by increasing agent productivity—a true win win. By offering a comprehensive platform that leverages the power of AI, brokerages can set themselves apart from the competition. That means more agents will seek out your brokerage, and all of your agents will be more productive and profitable.

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High-Quality Lead Generation

AI-powered lead generation platforms can provide high-quality, qualified real estate leads that are more likely to convert into sales. AI algorithms can analyze data from multiple sources to identify potential leads with a high likelihood of conversion. This can save agents time and effort in identifying and qualifying leads, allowing them to focus on the relationships that will yield the most return.

Auto-Pilot 24/7 Database Nurturing

Conversational AI can automatically nurture leads, sending out customized emails, texts, and social media messages to keep them engaged and interested in the agent's services. Not only will an AI chatbot send messages, but it can also respond and continue a full, unique conversation until the lead is ready to meet with the agent. This can save agents a significant amount of time and effort in staying on top of relationships, and it prevents good leads from falling through the cracks—all of which means more business for you and the agent.

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Effortless Appointment Scheduling

AI real estate appointment setting tools can automate the process of setting up appointments, making it easy for agents to schedule meetings with clients and prospects. These tools can integrate with calendars and email systems, making it easy for agents to manage their schedule and stay organized. Again, this spells less missed opportunities due to human error, more sales, and more peace of mind for agents who need a well deserved break from being glued to their phones.

agent using an AI real estate concierge

AI Real Estate Concierge Experience 

AI-powered real estate concierge platforms can provide agents with tools that help them manage their business more efficiently. These platforms can provide personalized recommendations, insights, and guidance to prospects and clients, allowing agents to stay on top of their business, focus on making money, and grow their sales. 

Managing relationships and providing a stunning, personalized experience to every prospect is exhausting and draining. As much as agents want to help everyone, they simply can’t do it all alone. Providing an AI real estate concierge is a secret weapon in agent recruitment, because it takes agents away from doing the tedious aspects of their job that they’d rather not do—an attractive selling point—and most brokers aren’t offering it yet.

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Recruiting Agents With AI

In short—the real estate industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and brokerages need to offer more than ever before to attract top agents. AI truly is the key to offering agents what they need and want, all without hiring human assistants, investing in more lead buying, or spending a lot of capital. It’s the fast, easy, and cost effective way to recruit agents successfully in 2023. And right now, brokerages who are early adopters will have an even greater competitive edge in agent recruitment

At Landslo, we offer conversational AI that acts as a real estate concierge for your agents and clients. If you’d like to test it out with no obligations, book a demo, and our team will show you exactly how it works. Don't wait until it's too late—start investing in AI now and take your brokerage to the next level.

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