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This Is How Top Brokerages Automate Real Estate Appointment Setting

real estate appointment setting

The real estate industry is highly competitive, and brokerages are always looking for ways to gain an edge. One area that has seen a significant shift in recent years is lead generation and real estate appointment setting. Top brokerages are now utilizing cutting-edge technology to automate these processes, and it's quickly becoming the new standard.

In today's market, agents not only expect their brokerage to provide leads, but they also expect them to set appointments for them. Brokerage owners who fail to meet these expectations risk losing top talent and falling behind their competition. Consumers have expectations too, and they’re looking for personalized, world class digital experiences—all reasons why it's critical for brokerage owners to adapt and embrace the latest technology. Automating appointment setting is no longer a luxury but a necessity for brokerages looking to stay relevant.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of automating appointment setting and discuss the cutting-edge technology that top brokerages are using to do so. We'll also provide practical advice on how brokerage owners can implement this technology and start reaping the benefits of automated real estate appointment setting.

How Real Estate Appointment Setting Has Changed

Real estate appointment setting has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), have enabled brokerages to streamline and outsource many aspects of their business that were previously run by humans, including setting appointments. The results are game changing.

Not only can brokerages now offer appointment setting to their agents where they weren’t able to previously due to cost, but they can take control over their revenue. Paying thousands of dollars each month for advertising to generate real estate leads, and then shelling out even more capital on a call center or ISAs to convert those leads used to be the only option. Now you can set appointments straight to your agents calendars for less than the cost of Realtor or Zillow leads.

This means, as a business owner, you have an opportunity to control the future of growing your brokerage. You can decide how many appointments your agents will go on, and estimate with relative accuracy how many transactions they’ll be doing per month. This is a far cry from the old model which included bringing on as many agents as you could, because you know that only 20% of them will produce transactions for your company. Now brokerages are focusing their efforts on developing a smaller number of agents into exceptional team members, because they have the technology to take back the power over where transactions come from into their own hands.

The Benefits of Using AI To Set Appointments

real estate AI

Real estate AI can manage each aspect of real estate appointment setting, including scheduling appointments to relationship building and lead nurturing. The software can reach out to prospects and arrange appointments on behalf of agents. It can also remind them of upcoming appointments, increasing your appointment met rates. After appointments are held, the software can conduct follow-ups with prospects to engage with them further and move them forward to the next step in the process.

AI-powered appointment setting can help brokerages increase their market share, skyrocket agent productivity, attract and retain top talent, and dramatically improve customer satisfaction and long term relationships critical to growing your business.

Increased Productivity & Market Share

By offering AI-powered appointment setting, brokerages can help agents become more productive and efficient in their daily work. With the time saved by automating this task, agents can focus on other high-value activities that can increase their productivity and help them close more deals.

This can ultimately lead to an increase in market share for the brokerage, as the agents are able to take on more clients and close more deals in less time. By providing this technology, brokerages can stay ahead of the competition and increase profitability.

Agent Attraction & Retention

In a fiercely competitive real estate industry, brokerages must offer more than just leads to recruit and retain top-performing agents. Leads have become the bare minimum that a brokerage can offer, and most agents recognize that cold leads don’t guarantee real business.

By taking care of agents’ lead generation, lead nurturing, and appointment setting, agents can be more productive, efficient, and ultimately, earn more money. AI-powered real estate appointment setting completely eradicates the risk for the agent, as they know they will have business opportunities from day one with the brokerage. This can be a powerful incentive for agents to join a brokerage that offers this technology and can provide them with a competitive edge in the industry.

The convenience associated with AI appointment setting can be another significant factor in attracting and retaining agents. By providing agents with a reliable tool that handles lead gen and appointment management, brokerages can alleviate the burden of this tedious task, making agents’ jobs easier, which can ultimately lead to higher agent satisfaction and retention.

Improved Customer Relationships

A tremendous piece of every brokerage’s business model is referrals, and the most important aspect of ensuring you get referrals is providing a world class experience to clients. This is where real estate AI comes in—it has the ability to create award winning customer journeys that will strengthen your client relationships and increase your chances of earning repeat and referral business.

AI-powered appointment setting is much more efficient and effective than traditional methods. The software can manage multiple calendars simultaneously, avoiding double-bookings and missed appointments. It can also handle all the back-and-forth communication with clients involved in finding time to meet, remembering past interactions and preferences, so customers feel seen, understood, and valued. Additionally, AI-powered real estate appointment setting can increase the accuracy of appointment scheduling, reducing the chances of errors or misunderstandings, all of which leads to much higher customer satisfaction and ultimately, more successful deals.

How To Start Automating Appointment Setting

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AI-powered real estate appointment setting is transforming the way real estate brokerages operate, making it possible to streamline and outsource many aspects of their business that were once handled by humans. By automating appointment setting, brokerages can better serve their agents and their clients, and bring new revenue to increase their bottom line. 

If you're ready to take your brokerage to the next level, we invite you to try Landslo, our AI-powered real estate appointment setting solution. With Landslo, you can automate your appointment setting process by receiving leads as scheduled appointments with your agents. Our AI handles lead generation, lead nurturing, appointment setting, follow up, and customer engagement—so you and your agents can focus on closing more transactions. 

You can book a no-obligation AI demo and try out our software risk-free before jumping into AI real estate appointment setting with us—just reach out and request a tour of our platform.

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