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7 Reasons You Need an AI Real Estate Concierge ASAP

AI real estate concierge

As a real estate brokerage owner, you're likely always on the lookout for ways to improve your clients' experience while also streamlining your own processes. One tool that can help you achieve both goals is an AI real estate concierge. AI concierges provide a wealth of benefits that can simplify your business operations and help you close more deals. 

From connecting prospects with outside services to following up on recent appointments and sending listings and resources to prospects, an AI real estate concierge can handle a large variety of tasks that would otherwise take up your time and resources—and the list of things it can do just keeps growing. In this article, we'll explore seven reasons why you need an AI real estate concierge ASAP.

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What Is an AI Real Estate Concierge?

An AI real estate concierge is essentially a digital assistant—think Siri or Alexa—that utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide personalized support to clients throughout the buying and selling process. 

By collecting and leveraging data on a client's preferences, budget, and location—much like a human concierge would—a real estate AI concierge can offer customized recommendations for properties, local services, and even provide the needed resources to help facilitate the transaction. 

Essentially, an AI real estate concierge acts as a central hub for all the information a client needs to make informed decisions about their real estate journey. It also takes on the role of a digital guide, leading clients from the brainstorming stage all the way to the closing table.

How AI Can Take Over Most Real Estate Concierge Services—And Why You Should Let It

Truthfully, AI does not currently have the ability to exclusively take buyers and sellers through their entire home buying or selling process without the help of a human agent, but it certainly can aid human real estate agents from day 1 until closing—and adding the extra layer of AI support dramatically improves the quality of the experience clients will have with your brokerage. 

real estate brokerage

The #1 concern consumers have is speed when it comes to brand interactions, and no human can beat the speed of an AI real estate concierge. Providing 24/7 access to answers and support allows your clients a level of convenience they strongly desire and likely won’t experience with other firms, giving you a competitive edge.

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Types of AI Concierge Services Real Estate Brands Should Offer

In case you’re wondering exactly what AI can do, there are a number of ways you can use it to create a digital real estate concierge experience for your clients. Not only will using AI streamline the buying and selling process for clients and improve their experience, but it will also help agents work more efficiently—saving you money. 

In this section, we'll explore seven types of AI concierge services that every real estate brand should offer, from personalized property recommendations to automated appointment scheduling.

Providing Valuable Information To Prospects

One key advantage of an AI real estate concierge is its ability to provide valuable information to prospects. By collecting and leveraging data on a client's preferences, responses, search history, and behavior, an AI concierge can offer personalized recommendations and answer both common and personalized questions about the buying and selling process. This not only helps clients feel more informed and confident in their decision-making, but also reduces the workload for agents who would otherwise need to provide this information themselves.

Nurturing Prospects & Building Relationships

Another way that an AI real estate concierge can benefit brokers is by nurturing prospects and building relationships with them over time—another huge time saver for busy real estate agents. By making conversation and sending market updates and other relevant information, an AI concierge can keep prospects engaged and interested in the real estate transaction and the relationship with your firm. This not only helps brokers stay top-of-mind with prospects but also makes it easier to convert them into clients when they're ready to buy or sell—which AI can do as well.

Connecting Prospects With Outside Services

In addition to providing valuable information and nurturing prospects, an AI real estate concierge can also connect prospects with outside services that they may need during the buying or selling process that would otherwise hinder them from moving forward with a transaction. 

For example, an AI concierge can recommend mortgage lenders, home inspectors, credit repair specialists, and other service providers based on a client's specific needs and preferences. This not only helps clients find trusted service providers but also positions real estate brokers as a valuable resource and partner throughout the real estate journey.

Setting Up Listing Appointments & Showings

An AI real estate concierge can also help brokers by setting up listing appointments and showings automatically. By integrating with an agent's calendar and scheduling tools, an AI concierge can identify available times and dates that work for both the client and the agent. This saves agents a ton of time spent going back and forth to find matching availability, and it also eliminates the chance an agent might forget or hesitate to ask for an appointment on a follow up—AI will do the following up for them.

Sending Personalized Listings & CMAs

​​Sending personalized property listings and a comparative market analysis is another way that an AI real estate concierge can streamline agent duties and keep them more productive. By using machine learning algorithms to analyze a client's preferences and search behavior, an AI concierge can send personalized property listings that match a client's specific needs and wants. 

Additionally, an AI concierge can automatically find comparable homes on the market to help clients understand the current value of their property or the properties they're interested in buying. For an agent, this type of work could take up hours—but for AI, it takes only seconds.

Following Up On Progress & Recent Appointments

Finally, an AI real estate concierge can help brokers by following up on progress and recent appointments. By sending reminders and updates to clients and agents, an AI concierge can help keep everyone informed and on track throughout the buying or selling process, helping brokers stay organized and ensuring that clients have a positive experience and feel supported throughout their real estate journey.

How To Get Started With an AI Real Estate Concierge

In conclusion, an AI real estate concierge can offer numerous benefits for brokers and their clients. From providing valuable information and building client relationships to automating administrative tasks and following up on progress, an AI concierge can streamline the real estate process and enhance the client experience.

If you're interested in exploring the benefits of an AI real estate concierge for your brokerage, consider booking a demo of Landslo's AI concierge. Our solution is designed specifically for real estate brokers and can be customized to meet your unique needs and goals. 

Contact us today to learn more and see how our AI concierge can help your brokerage succeed in today's competitive real estate market.

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