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Experts Agree Lead Nurturing is Critical—Here are 3 Ways To Dominate It

Published by Jason Gamblen on
AI lead nurturing
As a real estate brokerage owner, you understand the immense challenge of converting leads into sales. Statistics show that, on average, only 1% of buyer and seller leads actually convert. The reason behind this disheartening figure lies in the difficulty of nurturing leads at scale over time, es... Read More

Agent Recruitment is Getting Competitive—Here’s How To Win

Published by Jason Gamblen on
agent recruitment
If you’re a real estate brokerage owner, you’re always looking for ways to attract top real estate agents to your firm. The competition is fierce, and agent recruitment can be a real challenge—especially in a rapidly changing landscape. In the ... Read More

How an AI Chatbot Can Increase Your Sales By 67%

Published by Jason Gamblen on
AI chatbot
AI chatbots are no longer a novelty—they're quickly becoming a necessary tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. With statistics showing that companies that use chatbots experience a 67% increase in sales revenue, it's time to r... Read More

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