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About Us

After speaking to hundreds of successful real estate brokers about their greatest pain - online lead conversion - we knew there was a big problem to solve, both for brokerages and for the homebuyer. Landslo was launched in 2021 out of a leading venture studio called FutureSight. Every day, Landslo is engaging in unique conversations with the 140M+ American home owners and buyers, driving long-term revenue for the brokerages we partner with, and delivering a world class experience to their customers.

Meet the team

Photo of Jason

Jason Gamblen

Co-founder and CEO

Loves challenges... but not before his morning coffee.

Photo of Arvind

Arvind Mohan

Co-founder and CTO

Loves to fly round the world - from the comfort of his couch!

Photo of John

John Carbrey

Co-founder and Chairman of FutureSight Ventures

Loves hosting parties but not cleaning up after them.

sam monreal

Sam Monreal

VP of Partnerships

Loves camping as long as there is every comfort of home included.


Uday Sai Chikka

Lead Developer

Likes coding but hates coffee


Xenia Lazareva

Marketing Manager

Outdoor enthusiast that can't handle anything but mild weather.

Ricardo Ortiz

Ricardo Ortiz

Conversational AI Trainer

Dog lover... unless the dog looks scary!

Photo of Anna

Anna Kryvous

AI Conversational Designer

IMG-3019 (1).jpg

Michelle Parejo

Conversational AI Trainer

Loves psycho documentaries but afraid of horror movies.

Arjun McNeil.png

Arjun McNeil

Business Development Representative

Loves cars but dislikes working on them.

Gurjot Grewal.png

Gurjot Grewal

Business Development Representative

I'm a foodie who hates cooking