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The ultimate AI chatbot for real estate and mortgage agents

All your SMS communication with new prospects and customers 24/7: AI qualifies and educates leads, matches customers with MLS listings, and books appointments with leads on your behalf.

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Join highly productive agents across the US and Canada

The world's most powerful (and fun) AI assistant for real estate and mortgage agents.

Your personal assistant that can chat with prospects and customers round-the-clock, generating unlimited leads, conversions, and referrals - no cold calling.

Largest language model for Realtors, using SMS to filter out the tire kickers and identify serious leads to connect you with.

Instantly responds to inquiries when prospects are most engaged, providing helpful information on your behalf.

Sets appointments to speak with you and easily connect with the lead via call or text.

Integrated chatCRM keeps up-to-date through conversations, providing you with accurate lead data and status.

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How it works

Start generating conversations with leads in less than 60 seconds


Add Your Leads

After you sign up, you manually enter or upload the leads you want your AI to start messaging.

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AI Generates New Conversations

Landslo's AI starts texting each lead and generating conversations, learning about the lead and automatically storing the data in our chatCRM for you.

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Appointments Generated With Serious Buyers & Home Owners

With each conversation something new is learned, determining the serious leads and generating set appointment times when the lead wants to talk.


Work smarter, not harder!
Automate more.

Automate your communication with potential clients. Chat real-time round-the-clock, learning about each lead and connecting only with the serious leads to grow your business.

REPLACES: Cold Calling | Mass Texting
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Crunch leads and crush your goals, faster.

Stay on track to hit your goals using the power of AI to reach more prospects and customers, faster. Auto-messages 2 leads per second, qualifying hundreds of leads and generating conversions and referrals in a matter of minutes.

REPLACES: Call Centers | Inside Sales

ChatCRM: See your leads, in real-time.

Tackle your lead flow from all angles with real-time views that adapt to your needs. Track all your serious leads, send referrals and leads who need a mortgage to your lending partner, see your appointments on a Calendar, and so much more.

REPLACES: Excel | Follow-up Boss | CINC
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20%Conversion to meetings
> 1,000,000Conversations

Automatically drip MLS listings to buyers

Landslo's AI gathers the buyer's search criteria and immediately starts matching with MLS listings. Saving you time and keeping your leads warm and connected to you.


Support customers with their mortgage needs

80% of home buyers need a mortgage - easily connect mortgage leads with your lending partner through our app. When the lead is qualified with a lender, the lead is motivated and ready to purchase.

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Generate appointments from cold leads

Automate your appointment pipeline without cold calling and never lose an opportunity. Landslo even takes care of following up with you on the lead status and triggers workflows all via text.


Learn From The Best in Our Private Community

Get access to our Private Facebook Community where you can learn from other similar agents and loan officers. See what’s working and not working for them. Ask questions and get answers from our experts.

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